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fluxa ibiza

FLUXÀ IBIZA is a small family business with a botanical garden, a distillery and a small agri-food factory.
 Two generations of the Fluxà family come together to select and harvest the plants and fruits with which they make both the liqueurs and the other gourmet products they produce on their farm, including flavoured salts and chilli oil and sweets. 
They have a menu of artisans and distill, season and prepare their products personally.


FLUXÀ IBIZA has become a benchmark of good work, tradition and love for the little things that give meaning to life. 
They take personal care of their estate, which is organized in a well-kept botanical garden with aromatic and native plants. These plants are the basis for liqueurs such as Hierbas Ibicencas and Payesas, flavoured salts and other gourmet products such as their special handmade chilli sweet.  
The final packaging, in glass bottles of different sizes and small and beautiful glass and ceramic jars, which can also be personalized, make both their special liqueurs and flavoured salt, the perfect gift for couples who want our beautiful island and its roots to be present on the day of their wedding.  


C/  Ginebre 8, (Jesús) – Santa Eulària des Riu

Tel. (+34) 971 318350 / (+34) 649 19 22 85
INSTAGRAM: @fluxa_ibiza
FACEBOOK: FluxaIbiza