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maya alexander

Maya Alexander is a performer and composer from the United States and resident of Formentera.

In Maya’s set, one can expect an eclectic repertory that ecompasses different modalities: the vibration of soul, the quality of pop, the strength of rock, the heart of blues, the nuances of jazz, or the energy of funk are some of the styles that identify this North American singer. These are the genres that give her free reign to allow her to free her potent voice.


Maya can be found in two of the following formations:

Maya Alexander Acoustic Trio: In this formation one can see Maya in a more intimate setting. One which explores the worlds of jazz, soul, and pop. The trio is a more acoustic, easy - listening setting

Maya Alexander Electric Band: In the electric formation, one can see Maya with more energy inclined to make us dance as she sings styles such as funk, rock, or disco. Her energy and voice is back by an exceptional band composed of great musicians of the pitiusa music scene. with elegance.


Ibiza & Formentera services

Tel. (+34) 643090225 / 619720539
INSTAGRAM: @mayaalexandermusic / @davidbaronadrums

maya alexander
maya alexander
maya alexander